The Tech Team

The tech team functions as the troubleshooting element, which leverages innovative technology to solve real-word challenges. The team's value proposition lies in identifying the challenge, finding a solution in the product, and then acting on it.

Demonstrate depth and breadth in knowledge towards problem solving and system design

Ability to adapt to new technology innovation and be up to date with current trends and latest development

Well versed in language like HTML, CSS, React JS, React Native, Ruby on Rails and RESTful Services

Ability to build robust, maintainable, and scalable services, analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement

Corporate Sales Executive

Our sales team forms a crucial component of TradeCred and our extensive client base, solely responsible for the business development of the company. The team believes in taking an evangelistic approach when it comes to conquering and increasing lead generation and conversions, thereby creating an impact.

A proven track record in corporate sales and business development

Highly energetic and driven personality with a passion to achieve

Having a good understanding on the current Indian fintech landscape, will help earn brownie points

Ability to develop and maintain relationships with a select group of corporate customers along with retention responsibilities

Platform Operations

The platform operations team includes risk, product and core ops functions.

The risk team is focussed on credit diligence, monitoring and ensuring monies pertaining to invoices have an extremely high probability of settlement.

The product team looks after developing new products for both sides of the marketplace - Those deploying capital as well as those raising capital.

The Core Ops team is the engine of TradeCred. All products, processes, systems are laid out, followed and executed with tenacity by the Core Ops team, with help from Sales and Technology team.

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